jobseeker life

All of my plans at the end have been vanished.

All the things to do even more spend much money. I bought for my foods, needs, etc

i desperate want to have a job, i have been applying in several full time, part time and just contract till now i didn’t get hear back from it.

Recently, i got bad exprience that even if you really want a ajob. You must be careful from those company that really have bad reputation and also you have to be selective to avoid a fraud company and a fictitious company that even didn’t exist at all but they contact you for an interview. You should be supicious about it.

patience, effort and pray, all you need to do right now.

there’s a way behind this hard situation turn into ease


My experiment leaving Instagram

I was so addicted of this kind of social media, actually, I have already quit from FB for a long time ago. now I already made decision to quit from IG. But only for temporary, i will go back to social media when I have achieved my goals then I can check again my IG account. So here’s day to day experience that i have:

My first day after leaving from IG :

Honestly, I was like I have more time to do anything that I want. But i felt something missing out there. I started like a person who isolated in an island alone. I was so lonely I can not share my moments through ig story anymore. My finger used to click the instagram application on my phone but since i deleted, I have no choice to do something else. So instead I read a webtoon. Oh no, my addicted to phone still there. Ah, i felt like nothing to do, then i started to read an article regading onlines shop, etc I was supposed to writing a story again like fanfiction story that I used to make one. But today, it is so hard to make one because I have no inspiration at all. so I watched any dramas, searching an inspiration for me to write . However, I read again my previous fanfiction. Maybe such a long time, i did not improve my writing skills thats why I have to develop my creative writing on this time. I really have to focus what i need to do because I had wasted my time before on social media.

day 2: